If you would like to have an EV car charger at home but wonder if this is a good investment, keep reading this article to find out. EV charger installation costs might look high at first but in the long run, you will save money and ensure you always have a fully charged car battery.

By charging your electric vehicle at home you can save on average £500 per year by avoiding public chargers. You will also feel safe and don’t have to worry about the state of your battery every day as every morning your car will be fully charged.

If you’re ready to install a home charger, get in touch with us and we will be able to provide you with the best solution for your needs.

What Is the Cost of Installing an EV Charger at Home?

Typically, you will have to spend between £800 and £1,200 to buy and install a home charger for your electric car.

The cost of installation is more or less the same across the UK however it is always wise to use installers that are trained in the installation of your chosen model of an EV charger. 

This way you ensure a smooth installation process and save yourself the hassle and money. You don’t want to hire somewhere without the required training and experience and later be left with a useless or even broken charger.

Car using home EV charging port

Why Are Some EV Chargers More Expensive Than Others?

The cost of the charger highly depends on its charging speed. The 7 kW charger can cost you a few hundred pounds more than 3.6 kW variants, but it will charge your car in half the time.

You need to get yourself familiar with different models of EV chargers and their charging speeds. It is always a good idea to hire a specialist who will help you to choose the best charger in terms of speed and cost.

Alternatively, electric car charging online calculators are available to estimate the charging time and cost-effectiveness based on your specific vehicle and usage patterns. This way, you can make an informed decision that suits both your car and budget.

What Are the Exact Costs to Buy and Install an Electric Car Charging Point?

The 7 kW EV charger is usually the best option for most people and it costs around £600. The cost to install an EV charger is usually around £400. This takes the total cost of the investment to £1000.

Here are the steps of the installation process and the costs associated with each step:

  • When starting an installer must survey your property to asses where is the best place to install the charging point. This assessment is usually free.
  • The next step is the installation of the device. The engineer will install your charger in the place chosen before and lay the required cabling. All pieces of hardware needed to install the device cost about £100.
  • After installing the charger, the engineer must test it to ensure it works properly.

The additional £300 is the cost of the labour. The installers are highly trained and they are responsible for the safety of your device and the people living in the property, that’s why their hourly rates are high.

Lady plugging EV charger into car

Should You Go for the Home Charger Despite the Installation Costs?

The answer is, yes. The long-term saving will be much higher than the initial costs. 

There are different comparisons and calculations showing how having an electric car charger at home saves you money. 

First, you can compare the charging cost at home to what you need to pay when using public charging stations. Charging electric cars in public is around 50% more expensive than at home.

After using your home charger for one year you will save around £500 compared to charging in public. It means that your electric car charging point cost will be paid off after two years.

You can also compare the cost of a home charger for an electric car to what you would need to pay to refuel your petrol or diesel car over a year. Data shows that you can save around £700 annually by switching to an electric car and charging at home.

Close up of EV charger plugged into a car

How to Offset the EV Charger Installation Cost?

Government grants are available for people installing electric car charging points at home. Not everyone is able to qualify for them but some people may be able to greatly reduce their installation costs.

Flat owners and people who rent their property can use the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS). By using this government grant they can reduce the cost of their charging point by 75% which is about £350.


Here are the key facts about the EV charging installation cost:

  • An electric car charging point costs £1,000, on average
  • You will be able to save £492 per year by charging your car at home and not using public chargers
  • Your car can be fully charged overnight after you install the right model of the home charger.

If you are ready to be self-reliant and save money on car charging reach out to us for a free quote on electric car charging point installation cost. Highland Services is a verified Rolec EV charging station supplier. We help our clients use grant funding to cover the cost to install EV charger and we are also qualified to advise you on the best model of charger for your needs. Use our contact page to ask for a free quote.

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