Our team can design your plumbing system and complete all necessary work. We specialise in various plumbing services, including roof drains, septic tanks, water heaters, grease traps, water and gas lines. We also offer Heating and Ventilation services for industrial and commercial customers as well as for new build domestic customers.

Our Plumbing Solutions Check Your Systems Before They Can Fail.

A malfunctioning plumbing system can disrupt your business operations, hindering your staff's ability to work effectively. With Highland Services, you can choose preventive maintenance tailored specifically to your plumbing needs, or you can opt to include it as part of a comprehensive Mechanical or Facilities Services package. Our preventive strategies are designed to prolong the lifespan of your systems and ensure they remain in optimal condition, reducing the risk of unexpected issues and the associated costs of repairs.

Understanding the critical importance of dependable plumbing systems, Highland Services extends its expertise to address emergency plumbing needs with prompt and reliable solutions. Our skilled plumbers are prepared to tackle any urgent issues, such as burst pipes, severe leaks, or blockages that may disrupt your business operations. 

With a swift response and advanced equipment, we aim to minimise downtime and get your systems running smoothly, ensuring your staff can work without interruption. Our emergency services complement our preventative maintenance, creating a comprehensive approach to plumbing care.

We can provide a plumbing service that includes your roof drains, septic tank, water heaters, grease traps, water and gas lines.

As construction experts, we can design your plumbing system at the start, as well as the electrical, heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

Is Your Building Hot in the Summer and Cold in the Winter?

Making sure that you and your staff are comfortable at work is vital. Temperature and airflow are something we take for granted, but when you’re too hot or cold or yawning regularly (a sign of not enough oxygen), productivity will suffer.

We install and maintain systems for industrial and commercial customers as well as for new build domestic customers. We can advise and recommend local or central heating systems using fuels which will be economical over decades. We have a range of options available, from traditional boilers to economical and ecological heat recovery systems.

Eco-Friendly Technologies for Modern Buildings

For clients embarking on new construction projects, Highland Services brings invaluable insight into integrating sustainable practices into your building's design. Our team is proficient in the latest eco-friendly technologies, offering options such as solar water heating and rainwater harvesting systems that reduce environmental impact and operational costs. 

Our goal is to help you achieve energy efficiency and contribute positively to the environment while maintaining high-performance plumbing, heating, and ventilation systems tailored to your specific needs and preferences. With Highland Services, you can count on a future-focused approach that aligns with both your business objectives and sustainability goals.

Maintaining an Efficient Ventilation System Is Vitally Important.

It’s free and we take it for granted, but fresh air, like water and food, is a necessity for living. Stagnant air can cause sickness and allergies. Maintaining an efficient ventilation system, especially near water systems, is very important, as little or no ventilation can cause the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Air conditioning units combine heating and cooling from one highly efficient system. Designed specifically for the needs of the building occupants Air conditioning is now the preferred choice of many clients over traditional Heating and Ventilating systems.

Secure Optimal Performance with Expert Plumbing, Heating, and Ventilation Service

As a trusted provider based in Bridgend, we specialise in comprehensive heating, ventilation, and plumbing services to ensure your systems function seamlessly.

Ensure the seamless operation of your facility with a partner dedicated to precision and reliability. Highland Services delivers top-tier plumbing, heating, and ventilation solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Whether you require maintenance or facing an emergency, our experienced team stands ready to offer expert care with minimal disruption to your operations. 

Embrace the future with eco-friendly technologies and maximise efficiency with our custom-designed systems. Contact Highland Services today for a complimentary quote and let us fortify the backbone of your building's infrastructure. Your comfort and success are our business.


How can I prevent pipes from bursting in cold weather?

Running heating at a minimum of 13 degrees in winter can help stop the pipes freezing and prevent bursting. It can also help to insulate cold spots and provide regular pipe maintenance.

Is ventilation important for offices and classrooms?

Although there is unlikely to be the same level of pollutants in these settings as in industry, clean air is still very important. Stagnant air can negatively impact concentration, productivity and decision making.

Air that is constantly moving can also prevent the spread of viruses and illness such as COVID-19.

Find out more in our blog.

What is the difference between commercial and domestic plumbing?

First of all the scale for commercial plumbing is much larger. It is not recommended to seek the assistance of a domestic plumber to work at a commercial scale as the specialist knowledge, tools and man power are very different. At Highland we specialise in commercial plumbing and can help ensure your businesses water supply is correctly installed and appropriately maintained

Why is ventilation important for industry?

Efficient ventilation is needed to control air quality and dispel indoor pollutants. Lack of ventilation in industries with large amounts of airborne pollutants like dusts, fumes and chemicals lead to short term sickness and long term chronic illness of your employees.

What areas do you service?

The main areas we service are Bridgend, Swansea, Cardiff and Newport. We also work with businesses further afield in Wales and the South West.

"Highland Services has, for many years, provided Amey with 1st class support with all major project work in the sensitive Prison Environment, offering professional advice, experience, and technical knowledge to assist Amey in delivering a quality product for our client HMPPS. Highland Services is a reliable contractor that Amey looks toward for competitive assurance and value in all works presented to them. I have no hesitation in recommending Highland Services to any other Public funded service looking to recruit a reliable contractor.”

Glen Rees, Project Manager, Amey

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