Save money and help the environment too!

Whether it’s solar, rainwater harvesting, heat pumps or home ventilation, we have a wide range of products and services to help you reduce your carbon emissions and create a sustainable future for generations.

Solar Thermal & Photovoltaic Systems

If you are considering installing photovoltaic panels on your property we can help.

We’ll visit your property to survey and advise on the appropriate roof layout and generation capacity for the space available. We work with residential developers, private householders, housing associations, commercial and industrial property owners, who all see the value of earning from their buildings roof space.

Advantages of Solar Energy are; it’s a renewable energy source, reduction in electricity bills and diverse applications - Solar energy can be used for diverse purposes.  All this with low maintenance costs

You can generate electricity (photovoltaics) or heat (solar thermal).

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is an historic practice which died out in most parts of the UK with the advent of mains water however for a country where the rainfall is high and the water rates are too, rainwater harvesting makes financial sense for domestic dwellings, especially new builds, where the installation costs are low. For some parts of the UK, it will be almost a necessity on new build sites, as despite our rainfall, the water table is so low.

The water can be used for landscape irrigation, washing machines, toilets flushing and any other water use other than drinking. It’s not just domestic properties that can benefit. With rainwater harvesting components approved by HM Revenue and Customs for qualification on the enhanced capital allowance scheme (ECA) introduced by the Finance Act 2003; commercial and industrial properties, can see ROI in 3-5 years.

Heat Pumps and Home Ventilation

At Highland we can supply and fit you with efficient systems for using ambient heat and heat recovery from indoor air which will require little electrical energy and maximise the ambient heat for cooling or heating. Using renewable resources in this way your heat supply can be CO2 neutral and sustainable.

With efficient ventilation systems recovering more than 90 % of the heat in the extracted air and returning pure fresh air, you can have a modern ventilation system which saves energy and is also environmentally friendly.

"Highland Services have provided the Electrical Planned and Reactive maintenance services to South Wales Police for over 20 years... I can testify to their exemplary service... Highland Services have also provided a full range of building and engineering services, all of which have been of very high standard. Highland Services have always delivered to a very high standard of quality and have been extremely flexible and reliable in their approach, they have always been very proactive in assisting our planning processes for large scale infrastructure projects, whilst being equally responsive for emergency repairs. Professionally managed, placing the client at the heart of their service, I have no hesitation in endorsing Highland Services for any works."

Dan Ferris, Estates Manager - Facilities, South Wales Police

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