An EV charger is a piece of equipment that connects electric vehicles to a source of electricity in order to charge it. Charging stations are now starting to show up more and more around the UK in line with the growing popularity in electric vehicles.

Rolec's EV charging solutions are a great way to make your business more environmentally friendly and have easy access to clean renewable energy.

There is an extensive range of of Rolec EV charging ports too choose from so there will definitely be one to suit the needs of your business.

And now Highland Services are verified Rolec EV charging station suppliers so getting your EV charger set up is as easy as getting in contact with us.

If you've considered switching your fleet to electric or just having an EV charger on hand for customers, clients and employees then there has never been a better time to do so.

With the government aiming to increase the number of electric vehicles on the road they have brought out the Workplace Charging Scheme. This scheme allows up to £350 grant towards each charging system installation for up to 40 charging points per business in order to make electric vehicles more accessible. This works out as up to £14,000 that your business could save.

Installing EV charging points can bring your business many further benefits, not just from the current government subsidies.

  • Shows your business to be environmentally conscious - Studies have shown that people now will factor in a companies attitude towards environmental concerns when deciding whether or not to support or work with them
  • EV charging points are incredibly convenient - Charging points around your business can be useful for customers and employees alike, and this convenience will only increase with rising electric vehicle ownership
  • Customers will stay for longer - This is especially useful for retail companies as if people are utilising your charging port they will need to wait for their vehicle to charge, likely meaning they will stay longer and see more of what your business has to offer
  • Improving efficiency - If a number of your employees have electric vehicles they may be spending unnecessary time trying to find somewhere to charge their car. Charging points in your stuff carpark can cut this potential time sink
  • Long term savings - If switching your fleet to electric then there are long term savings that can be made in terms of fuel costs and maintenance

"Over the last 30 years, during my time working the Prison Service Estates Department, Highland Services has worked in all the sites that I have managed. Highland are a 1st class contractor who do their upmost to deliver on time and on budget and provide whatever added value they can along the way... they understand the challenges of working in a secure and demanding environment. The contract values have varied from reactive callouts at £65 to project works over £1m. All works are completed to high standards and managed superbly throughout the length of the contract. I have no hesitation in recommending Highland Services to any other Public funded service looking to recruit a reliable contractor."

Christopher Silcox, Facility Manager, Amey

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