In 2020, more than 10 million electric cars were on the world’s roads, with battery electric models driving the trend. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, these stats have continued to increase into 2021. 

If you haven’t come across the term before, you might be wondering, what is an EV charger? As you’d expect, an EV charger is a piece of equipment that connects an electric vehicle (EV) to a source of electricity to recharge the vehicle. 

In the UK, charging stations have become much more common and they can now be found at supermarkets, motorway service stations and shopping centres. As a business owner, you might be wondering whether you should look at installing EV chargers at your workplace too.

In this blog, we’ll be discussing how EV (electrical vehicle) chargers could benefit you and your business.  

lady plugging EV charger into car

How Can EV Chargers Benefit My Business?

1. Demonstrating Your Environmental Commitment

One of the more obvious benefits of introducing EV chargers to your business is demonstrating your commitment to improving the environment and reducing your carbon footprint.

In recent years, people have become increasingly environmentally conscious and are more likely to consider a business’s environmental impact before using them or working for their business.   

2. Convenience

The increase in use of electric vehicles naturally comes with an increase in demand for EV charging points. Whether it’s for yourself, your employees or for your customers, introducing chargers to your carpark will add to their convenience.

So, if your customers drive an electric vehicle, they’ll be more likely to visit you over a competitor that doesn’t have a charging point. This applies to many industries, from hotels and supermarkets to fuel stations and shopping centres.     

close up of EV charger plugged into car
3. Customers Stay For Longer

As a retail business, with straightforward parking and electric vehicle charging points, your customers will stay and browse for longer whilst their car re-charges. The longer they’re browsing, the larger their shopping basket is likely to be. 

4. Improving Efficiency and Cutting Costs

EV charging points at work can make life easier for employees by reducing the time they spend searching for EV chargers elsewhere. For businesses with vehicle fleets, there are opportunities to save on fuel and maintenance costs.

5. Workplace Charging Scheme

As part of the government’s drive towards increasing the number of electric vehicles on the road, they have developed something called the Workplace Charging Scheme to encourage better workplace charging. 

The scheme allows for up to £350 towards each charging point installation with a maximum of 40 charging points per business. That is the equivalent of a £14,000 saving on offer to businesses looking to install electric vehicle charging points.

If you are interest in knowing the home charging station installation costs we covered that topic on our blog as well.

Tesla plugged into EV charger on the streets of London

How Can We Help?

Highland Services are verified suppliers of Rolec EV chargers. Not only are Rolec chargers manufactured in the UK, they also come with a 3 year warranty, are IP rated and UV stabilised. 

Get in touch with our team and find out more about EV chargers today. 

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