We are a security and fire alarm company you can trust. We have long-term experience in delivering the security & safety systems that are right for our clients. Our highly skilled team provides a diverse range of quality products and services for all your security and fire protection needs.

The Safety and Security of People Is of Paramount Importance.

This principle applies equally to the home the workplace and our everyday surroundings. To achieve this objective, you need to be certain that the security & safety systems you choose are right for your needs, both now and in the future… And that means choosing a security and fire alarm company you can trust.

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Highland services, strengths are underpinned by our highly skilled and experienced workforce and a diverse range of quality products and services that provide a ‘one stop shop’ for all your security and fire protection needs. From consultancy and design through to contract handover and planned maintenance, Highland are able to provide a concise and competitive service that result in long term client relationships being built

Fire Alarm Installation - Reliable Fire Detection Systems That Keeps Your Staff Safe

At Highland we specialise in fire alarm installation. We install and maintain automatic fire detection systems which provide the earliest possible warning of a fire, enabling your premises to be safely evacuated and the fire tackled in a safe manner.

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Under the Fire Safety Order 2005, it is the duty of the ‘responsible person’ in each commercial and industrial premise to ensure that you meet the requirements, including providing a fire detection system suitable for your premise. We can design, supply, install and commission fire detection systems. We also offer fire alarm maintenance.

To meet legal compliance and the requirements of most insurers your fire detection system must be maintained regularly in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and in compliance to BS 5839. We can maintain your fire detection systems as a single contract or as part of our Facilities Management option.

You Can Be Sure of the Highest Possible Standards of Service

Service contracts are available on the following Systems in accordance to the relevant British Standards:

  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Nurse Call Systems
  • Police Cell Call
  • Intruder Alarm Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • CCTV Systems
  • Radio Staff Affray Alarms
  • Disabled Refuge and Paging Systems
  • Retail Tagging systems
  • Barriers and electric gates
  • Fibre networking
  • Structured cabling

Choose one of our fire & security services that you need and contact us. We are happy to help you choose the best solution for your needs. Whether you need a fire alarm fitting or the design of a sophisticated fire alarm system, Highlands is the right partner to choose.


How often should I test my fire alarm?

You should test your fire alarm once a week at a set time. Before you test you alarm, you must warn people inside the building that this is a regular test and that no evacuation is required. You must also advise your Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) that you are about to initiate the test so they do not alert the Emergency Services.

Under what circumstances do I not need a fire safety system?

A fire safety risk assessment is the best way to gauge whether or not your premises needs a fire safety system, you can contact us for more information on this.

As a starting point, if you answer yes to all the following statements then a fire alarm system may not be compulsory for you:

  • Are your premises open plan, one storey, with a simple layout?
  • Are there any high risk substances in your premises such as flammable chemicals?
  • Are any high risk activities such as cooking done?
  • Do you have any vulnerable occupants, such as the elderly, very young, or disabled?
  • Would a fire be easy to spot if it broke out on any part of your business premises?
  • Can someone shouting “FIRE” easily be heard by all occupants?

What are the different types of fire alarm system?

A conventional fire alarm system is suited to low risk areas. They are cheaper to install and wired together with cable. A conventional system is made up of closed circuit zones where each zone within the premises has a circuit containing the detectors, manual alarm and sounder. The circuit closes back at the alarm panel, so there will be as many circuits as there are zones. These systems are not appropriate for large buildings as it will result in too much wiring, also the main fire panel is not specific enough for large buildings.

An addressable fire alarm system is better for large buildings as all the zones are within a loop, which reduces the amount of wiring. Less wiring means this system is better for high risk areas like hospital, care homes and schools. They are also more specific when is comes to showing the exact location of a fire.

A wireless fire alarm system has the zones within a loop like the addressable system, however, there are no cables, this makes wireless systems good for historic buildings and churches.

Take a look at our blog to find out more.

What is the Fire Safety Order 2005?

The Fire Safety Order 2005 states that it is the duty of the ‘responsible person’ in each commercial and industrial premise to ensure that you meet the requirements, including providing a fire detection system suitable for your premise.

What is the life expectancy of a fire detector?

The standard life span of an optical detector is 10 years though some specific manufacturers suggest an extended life span. However, detectors need calibrating according to their environment and are highly susceptible to degradation based on environmental factors.

"The management staff at Highland Services have consistently proven themselves to be cooperative, knowledgeable, supportive and courteous, alongside their engineers and staff who consistently operate in a reliable and professional manner... Highland Services is a highly valued and trusted contractor that always delivers the highest standards of service at the most competitive rates. In times of emergency, they are always the first contractors on site and will always go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure services are maintained."

Trisha Harris, Environmental & Facilities Manager, South Wales Police

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