At Highlands, health and safety are our priority, and we will work with you to ensure your premises are safe for your employees and customers. We will advise you on what fire doors are the best for your building, and our highly qualified team will install them for you. We offer a wide variety of fire doors, and we will ensure you have the right ones for your needs. Whether you need internal fire doors for your premises or external fire doors are what you need, we got you covered.

Keep Your Business Premises Safe With Fire Door Installation From Highland.

At Highland we are able to advise and install fire doors for businesses in the South Wales area. The main purpose of fire doors is to save lives in the event of a fire. If a fire breaks out in your place of work then a high quality fire door can prevent fire from spreading for 30 minutes to an hour, giving extra time for anyone in the building time to evacuate.

Fire door displaying 'Fire door keep shut' sign

When working with Highland Services you gain access to a fire door company renowned for its integrity and quality. Backed by decades of experience in fire safety, we're equipped to handle projects of any scale. Whether you need fire doors for a new building or replacements for an existing facility, we are the fire door contractors to trust.

We've been delivering mechanical and electrical projects since 1966, starting with electrical works our expertise now spans over plumbing, design, security and more!

Installation Of Fire Doors You Can Trust

At Highland Services we understand the importance of safety and will work with you to ensure your premise is safe for your employees and customers. If you are in charge of a group of people's safety it is important not to cut corners and make sure risks are mitigated.

Person opening a fire door

Accidents do happen and it's imperative to have a plan in place.

Fire doors must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction in order to be an effective safety measure. At Highland we are experienced and trusted in the installation of fire doors and all our doors are supplied with a certificate and relevant markings to verify the door's fire integrity. Get in touch with us to find out more or get a quote!

We Install Fire Doors FD60 & FD30 to Hold Back the Spread of Fire

We offer FD30 glazed fire doors and FD60 fire doors. The glazed FD30 is rated able to withstand fire for 30 minutes and the fire doors FD60 can keep back fire for an hour. As an integral part of any building's passive fire protection system it is important to choose the right fire door for your building, have it correctly sized and installed.

closed double fire door

Fire Door Inspections

At Highland Services, ensuring the ongoing safety and compliance of your fire doors is paramount. Regular fire door inspections are essential for maintaining the integrity of your building's fire safety measures. As accredited fire door installers, we provide comprehensive fire door inspections to ensure each installation remains effective and meets all regulatory requirements.

Why are Regular Fire Door Inspections Crucial?

A properly functioning fire door is a crucial component of your building’s passive fire protection system. It helps to contain fire and smoke, thereby protecting lives and preventing damage. Regular inspections conducted by professional fire door contractors help in identifying any faults or issues that might compromise the door's effectiveness.

bright red double fire door with exit sign above

What Does Our Fire Door Inspection Include?

Our detailed fire door inspections involve a thorough checklist to assess the condition and functionality of each fire door. This fire door inspection checklist encompasses:

  • Checking for proper installation and operation
  • Ensuring the seals are intact and free from damage
  • Verifying that the door closes correctly and completely without any obstruction
  • Examining the integrity of the door leaf, frame, and hinges
  • Establishing that the essential signage and labels are visible and legible

Accredited Fire Door Installers and Inspectors

Choosing Highland Services means partnering with a fire door company that has been at the forefront of building safety for decades. Our team of accredited fire door installers is trained to spot and rectify any issue, no matter how minor it may seem. This proactive approach to fire door inspection ensures that your building complies with current fire safety regulations, thereby offering peace of mind to building managers and occupants alike.

By choosing Highland, you'll benefit from:

  • Expert installation in accordance with the highest industry standards
  • Comprehensive advice on the selection of suitable fire doors for your specific needs
  • Assurance of compliance with all building and fire safety regulations

If you need any assistance with installation or maintenance for fire doors then get in contact with one of our expert team today. We are here to help and advise you whether you want to ask about fire door installation costs or are unsure what type to install.


How long will a fire door hold back a fire?

Fire doors are developed and produced with different security ratings. The most popular are the following classifications:

FD30 – hold back fire for 30 minutes,

FD60 – hold back fire for 60 minutes.

Under what circumstances do I not need a fire safety system?

A fire safety risk assessment is the best way to gauge whether or not your premises needs a fire safety system, you can contact us for more information on this.

As a starting point, if you answer yes to all the following statements then a fire alarm system may not be compulsory for you:

  • Are your premises open plan, one storey, with a simple layout?
  • Are there any high risk substances in your premises such as flammable chemicals?
  • Are any high risk activities such as cooking done?
  • Do you have any vulnerable occupants, such as the elderly, very young, or disabled?
  • Would a fire be easy to spot if it broke out on any part of your business premises?
  • Can someone shouting “FIRE” easily be heard by all occupants?

What are the different types of fire alarm system?

A conventional fire alarm system is suited to low risk areas. They are cheaper to install and wired together with cable. A conventional system is made up of closed circuit zones where each zone within the premises has a circuit containing the detectors, manual alarm and sounder. The circuit closes back at the alarm panel, so there will be as many circuits as there are zones. These systems are not appropriate for large buildings as it will result in too much wiring, also the main fire panel is not specific enough for large buildings.

An addressable fire alarm system is better for large buildings as all the zones are within a loop, which reduces the amount of wiring. Less wiring means this system is better for high risk areas like hospital, care homes and schools. They are also more specific when is comes to showing the exact location of a fire.

A wireless fire alarm system has the zones within a loop like the addressable system, however, there are no cables, this makes wireless systems good for historic buildings and churches.

Take a look at our blog to find out more.

What is an NICEIC certification?

Electrical contractors can only get an NICEIC certification after being checked for compliance and conformity to strict standards and regulations. This is done through testing, assessment of work and verification. Companies that are NICEIC approved are also confirmed to have high quality equipment and all work done is recorded to the best standard.

At Highland Services we are proud to be NICEIC approved, therefore you can expect high quality results on every project.

What is the life expectancy of a fire detector?

The standard life span of an optical detector is 10 years though some specific manufacturers suggest an extended life span. However, detectors need calibrating according to their environment and are highly susceptible to degradation based on environmental factors.

"Highland Services have provided the Electrical Planned and Reactive maintenance services to South Wales Police for over 20 years... I can testify to their exemplary service... Highland Services have also provided a full range of building and engineering services, all of which have been of very high standard. Highland Services have always delivered to a very high standard of quality and have been extremely flexible and reliable in their approach, they have always been very proactive in assisting our planning processes for large scale infrastructure projects, whilst being equally responsive for emergency repairs. Professionally managed, placing the client at the heart of their service, I have no hesitation in endorsing Highland Services for any works."

Dan Ferris, Estates Manager - Facilities, South Wales Police

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