In this article, we want to include everything you should know about fire door types, regulations and installation costs. You will learn what types of fire doors are available on the market and how to choose the perfect one for your needs. More than 3 million fire doors are installed each year in the UK, and every one has to be set up correctly to provide the most reliable fire protection.

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If you’re looking to install new fire doors or replace your existing doors, Highland Services are here to help you. We can help you with every step of the process, from advice on which fire doors to use through to their installation

Types of Fire Doors

Close up of wooden double fire door with 'Fire door keep shut' signs on it

30 Minute Fire Doors (FD30 Doors)

The FD30 doors are rated this way because they provide resistance and give anyone inside 30 minutes to leave the building in case of a fire. You'll discover various styles and designs available on the market. These doors can be purchased as fully finished or unfinished. If you want to add a personal touch to your interiors, the unfinished doors are perfect for you. You can paint and finish them any way you like.

60 Minute Fire Doors (FD60 Doors)

60 Minute Fire Doors provide 60 minutes of resistance from a fire.  This door type is available in several designs and material options, like oak, walnut or ash. You will get security and style with a wide range of handmade doors. You can even have fire doors with glass panels which can help lighten up and open up any type of room.

Glazed Fire Doors

Glazed Fire Doors are the type of fire doors that is mainly used as internal fire doors because it is built with a glass part. This type of door is made with fire rated glass to abide by safety and security regulations. Fire doors are glazed with a material that is fire resistant and has a high melting point. The size of this glazing part may vary from a little panel in a door to a glazed screen that provides maximum light transmission and security.

The Difference Between Internal and External Fire Doors

You can classify fire doors as external or internal. The internal fire doors are splitting buildings into compartments which helps in the event of a fire. This creates an escape route that lets to keep the fire off for the time required by the FD rating. On the other hand, the external fire doors are placed at the end of the escape route. The external fire doors don’t need to be fire resistant to perform their role.

Close up of wooden double fire doors with one door open

What Are the Fire Door Installation Regulations?

Various regulations impact fire doors in the UK because of the numerous types of properties and use cases. Some of the most essential laws consist of the following:

  • Existing properties are ruled by the fire doors requirements of the Fire Safety And Security Order 2005. The duty for fire danger assessment in all buildings, including the usual parts of apartments and homes of multiple occupations, is up to the liable person.
  • All new buildings are under New Building Regulations.
  • The House Act 2018 rules that landlords must ensure their residential properties are without hazards, consisting of direct exposure to uncontrolled fire and smoke. This requirement highlights the need for reliable fire doors.
  • All fired doors must have a third-party certification as evidence of carried-out tests that demonstrate the capability of the fire door to perform in the event of a fire. 
  • The original fire door specifications must always be abided. Certified fire risk assessors and installers must execute continuous evaluations and maintenance.
Long corridor with a fire door at the end of it and an 'Exit' sign hanging from the ceiling

What Is the Cost of Fire Door Installation?

The installation of fire doors might seem fairly simple, but a badly done installation can lead to tragic consequences.

How much do the expert installers charge for fire door installation? The expected expense for steel fire doors is much higher than for timber ones. Steel fire doors are mainly installed as external doors in business or industrial settings. You should be prepared to pay for powder-coated steel fire doors between ₤ 1,000-- ₤ 3,500.

Unlike steel fire doors, wooden fire doors are more commonly used in residential buildings in the UK. The price range is very broad, and we always advise our clients on the best options for them. Contact us to discuss your requirements and get a quote for the fire door installation cost.

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