All workplaces need an adequate supply of fresh air, whether this is natural or from a ventilation system. Ventilation is especially important in workplaces where people spend a lot of their day, especially those with large amounts of airborne pollutants such as industries involving welding, woodwork and cooking. However a well ventilated workspace is also important to prevent headaches  and airborne viruses and illnesses.

Is Opening a Window Good Ventilation for the Workplace? 

Natural ventilation is great, however, it’s not always possible. Some workplaces may have windows which are too small to properly ventilate the space. Along with this, having the windows open in winter or while its rainy can make your workplace uncomfortable and unsafe. This is why looking into having an adequate ventilation system is very important.

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Why Is Ventilation Important in Industrial Settings?

Proper ventilation in industry is extremely important to control air quality and dispel indoor pollutants. It is the responsibility of those in charge to ensure that health risks to the employees are minimised. Lack of ventilation in industries with large amounts of airborne pollutants like dusts, fumes and chemicals lead to short term sickness and long term chronic illness of your employees.

If you are interested in maintaining, upgrading or even looking into new ventilation options then get in touch with Highland Services and one of our experts can help.

Is Ventilation Needed for Offices and Classrooms?

Although there aren’t any obvious airborne pollutants in office and classroom settings, ventilation is still important. Clean air is a lot more comfortable to work in for long periods of time, this is beneficial for concentration, productivity and decision making

Ventilation can also help remove excess moisture from the air and this prevents the growth of fungi and mould which can cause illness through long term exposure.

Ventilation is also needed to prevent the spread of illness and viruses such as COVID-19, when someone with a virus coughs, talks or even breaths then this releases the virus into the air as droplets or aerosols. Poor ventilation means that the quality of virus in the air will build up and be more likely to infect others. Having a good ventilation system will mean that stagnant air containing viruses is removed and replaced by freshand clean air which is safe to breath in. 

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Poor ventilation can cause health concerns anywhere that people have to spend a long amount of time. At Highland Services we have a lot of experience with improving the ventilation in a variety of buildings. Get in contact with us today and we can help you decide on the best ventilation option for your employees and workspace.

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