There are a number of ways that you can improve employee wellbeing and wellness within the workplace. Subtle changes such as lighting, heating and ventilation all contribute to employee satisfaction and therefore productivity. At Highland Services, we can partner with your business for any kind of plumbing and electrical needs.

How Does Lighting Affect Employee Wellbeing?

Prolonged exposure to inadequate lighting can result in headaches and eyestrain. In fact, studies show that optimised lighting directly reduces the number of sick days taken within a team. Fluorescent bulbs are popular in many office spaces, but they’re not always a great light source to be exposed to for long periods of time. 

Installing a light source which is more customisable to match human circadian rhythms can be better for long term health and wellbeing. LED lighting which is becoming more and more popular can be turned to “warm” and “cool” lighting. Warmer lighting is great for areas where you would like people to feel more calm, whereas the use of cooler lighting can increase productivity and reduce fatigue. Tricks like brighter light in the morning to wake the body up with dimmer light in the afternoon can help improve focus.

Utilising LED lighting to mimic a more natural light spectrum is great for improving employee satisfaction, health, and productivity.

What are UK Lighting Regulations?

In September 2021, halogen bulbs which could often be found in older office buildings and workspaces were banned due to being inefficient in terms of energy consumption. They are also a health and safety risk due to the amount that the bulb heats up with prolonged usage.

Fluorescent bulbs are also due to be removed from shelves in 2023 as they are deemed inefficient.

That being said, if you have either of these types of lighting you will not need to change them immediately - these bans are just at the point of sale. If you are looking at changing your lighting to something that not only benefits the environment but is also beneficial to your employees and their productivity, then be sure to get in contact with our electrical contractors at Highland Services about a LED lighting refit for your business. 

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What are the Consequences of a Lack of Ventilation in the Workplace?

A multitude of companies can benefit from proper ventilation, not just the ones that automatically spring to mind due to harmful contaminants in the air. Although ventilation is extremely important in businesses like carpentry, welding and food manufacturing where there are extensive regulations in place, offices and classrooms can also benefit from monitored ventilation. Inadequate ventilation and the feelings of stuffiness that it can cause in offices and other rooms where employees may spend a lot of time can lead to headaches and the spread of illness between employees.

How Can Ventilation Improve Employee Health and Wellness?

If you already have a ventilation system set up, it is important to do regular checks to make sure that it is working optimally and that building regulations are met. If you don’t have ventilation then this will be something to look into for the wellbeing of your employees. Air conditioning units are a great choice for ventilation as they can combine heating and cooling with ventilation in an efficient and cost effective way. At Highland Services we design your system specifically for the needs of the building and occupants. Contact us today to find out more.

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How Does Inefficient Heating Effect Employee Wellness?

A comfortable working temperature is vital for productivity in the workplace. A space that is too warm will likely cause tiredness, and a workspace that is too cold will be uncomfortable and off putting. The recommended temperature for those working a strenuous job is 13°C to 16°C, whereas a more stationary office job would be around 22°C,, too far from this is said to cause discomfort and decreased productivity.

How to Maintain an Optimal Working Temperature

You should be regularly performing maintenance on your heating systems to ensure they are running well and able to keep temperature in your workspace stable throughout the year. Alternatively, it may be time to invest in a new system. At Highland Services we are experts in consulting, maintaining and fitting commercial and industrial heating and cooling systems and will be happy to help.

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At Highland Services we have over 50 year in experience in helping our commercial and industrial clients create comfortable and productive workspaces, contact us today and a member of our team will be happy to advise.

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