Commercial LED lighting is quickly becoming one of the most popular sources of lighting that is available on the market. Since September 2021, the UK government has banned halogen lights from being sold.  Following this ban, they have also declared that all fluorescent lights will be condemned from September 2023

There has not been a better time to look towards commercial LED lighting, for your business or commercial project. Here at Highland, we have prepared some useful information to help you change from halogen and fluorescent lights to LED lights.

Below we have highlighted some of the key benefits that you and your business can expect when switching from halogen or fluorescent lights to LED lights.

Making Your Business More Energy Efficient With LED Lights

One of the main reasons the UK government has banned the sale of halogen lights is to help make the UK more energy efficient

LEDs produce a higher lumen output per watt than other light sources turning up to 70% of energy into light. Whereas other light sources such as halogen waste up to 80% - 90% of energy into heat. Changing to LED lights can help your business or commercial property  save money by not wasting energy on lights that are ineffective whilst also reducing your energy bill.

LED lights are perfect for motion sensor technology, a perfect option for commercial buildings. Perfect for energy saving when lights are not in use, and extend the lifespan of your LED light by only using them when needed. 

LEDs Safety Vs Halogens Lights

Here we have highlighted some of the benefits to LED lights safety over halogen lights.

Due to the lower amount of heat produced from LED lights compared to halogen lights, it can make LEDs a much safer option for commercial lighting projects. LED lights also use less power, meaning they work on a lower voltage system which can make them much safer if something does go wrong.

LEDs Start up Time vs Fluorescent Lights

Commercial LED lights have a strong advantage over fluorescent lights for businesses. That is their initial starting time. 

Fluorescent lights need to heat up and can take time to reach their highest lumen output. LEDs do not take any extra time from when they are turned on to reach their highest lumen output, making them perfect for commercial projects and business.

LEDs Have a Longer Lifespan

LED Lighting will last a lot longer than other light sources, reducing the amount of times you will need to hire an electrical contractor to replace your business lights. Saving you more money in the long term, making LEDs perfect for commercial projects. LEDs can last up to 50,000 hours whereas fluorescent lights will last between 7,000 and 15,000 hours, and a halogen light will last around 2,000 hours.

LEDs Are Much More Flexible for Design Use

Here is a more focused example of commercial LED lights benefits.

LEDs can be made much smaller than traditional fluorescent and halogen lights, this provides much more flexibility for LEDs used in commercial projects and buildings. 

LEDs are inherently directional 180 degree lights, helping focus its light source towards where it is needed without having to use reflectors. This ensures that the full power of the light is focused on the desired area. Whereas both halogen and fluorescent lights are omni directional and emit light in a 360 degree area. These lights can be focused to specific areas, but require the use of reflectors and will not have the full power of the light when it reaches its desired area.

Initial Cost of LEDs Lights

Traditionally LED lights have a higher cost, but this cost is easily made back with how efficient LEDs are compared to other lighting sources.

LEDs provide a more suitable option for the long term, for business and commercial projects looking to save money on energy bills. LEDs offer lower cost of operation and a longer life span compared to fluorescence and halogen bulbs This offers a more suitable option for long term use.

If you are unsure of the savings that you could make from LED lights you can contact us at Highland services, we will be able to provide you with the cost of the project.

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