When it comes to making decisions, some are certainly easier than others, like what to wear today and what to eat for dinner. But deciding on the right business security system isn’t always so straightforward; after all, there are so many products and brands to choose from.

Whether you have a small shop front with a few members of staff, a large warehouse and car park or a large city centre office, keeping your business and employees safe is of the utmost importance. To help you with this process, we’ve put together our main considerations and advice for choosing a business security system to suit your needs.

grid of thirty five security cameras installed on a wall with one row of them being white and the rest all black

Reviewing Your Business Security Systems

To help determine the right security system for your business, you’ll need to conduct a review of the security systems you already have in place. This can be done by a security company, an external consultant or by yourself.

A good security review should tell you where your business’s weak spots are, what type of security equipment you need, and where you need to install it. It will look at things like where your entrances and exits are located, how staff access the building, how many employees you have, what your hours of operation are and what vulnerabilities may exist.  

Choosing A Security Camera System 

Whether your business premises has a lot of foot traffic or not, a video surveillance system can be a great deterrent of break-ins, theft and vandalism. Not only can they prevent crimes from happening, they can also help to quickly solve criminal cases should an issue occur. Round-the-clock surveillance can also help when it comes to resolving employee disputes or dishonest claims by members of staff. 

If you make the decision to install a business security camera system, there are a few things to consider: 

  • Will your security cameras be outdoors? If so, it’ll need to be waterproof.
  • Do you want your cameras to be discreet or act as a visual deterrent?
  • How large is the area you want to monitor?
  • Will you want audio integration?
  • How clear do you need the video quality to be?
  • Will you need to add more cameras in the future?
close up of a 'CCTV in operation' sign on metal surface

Deciding If You Need An Access Control System? 

A physical access control system limits access to a car park, building or areas of a business premises and can be used to stop unauthorised personnel from entering these places. There are different types of access door control systems including electric or mechanical security gates, passcode locks, barriers, turnstiles and sensor barriers. 

Barriers and turnstiles are ideal if you work in a large city centre building with many employees; after all, there’s no way your receptionist or security guard can learn every staff members’ identity. Passcode access control is ideal for controlling access to specific areas of your building and negates the need for members of staff to have keys and run the risk of having to replace the locks if they’re lost.  

row of modern looking security barriers in building

Do You Need Off-Site Access? 

If you want to control your security features while off-site, whether you’re away for a few days or just at home for the night, you will need to opt for a wireless security system. Wireless security systems rely on the internet, so if your internet is unreliable, this might not be suitable for you.

If you’re in the early stages of fitting out or refurbishing an office or workspace and you’re considering a wired security system, we recommend planning your security systems as early on as possible to avoid running into issues down the line.  

Assisting You With Your Business Security Systems

We know how hard our customers work to make their businesses a success and we wouldn’t want a security breach to threaten their hard work. Whether you need a new business CCTV surveillance system, an intruder alarm system or access control, Highland Services can help with all your commercial fire and security system needs and fire door installation.

Get in touch with our team for expert advice and for help with your security system for business. You can also view our previous projects here.

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