Improving the energy efficiency of your workplace has a number of benefits. It is beneficial to the environment, it saves your business money and it signals to potential clients that you are environmentally conscious. There are several ways you can make your workplace more energy efficient, and these ways can be as easy as replacing lightbulbs to switching to renewable energy. This article will cover just some of the ways you can make your energy usage more efficient. 

Solar Panels

Renewable energy is becoming more and more accessible to the general public and businesses. Solar power is a great alternative to more expensive and less environmentally friendly non-renewable sources. It is often thought that solar panels are expensive; however, there are plenty of government incentives and grants that can be acquired for switching to solar power. After the initial installation costs of solar panels overall energy costs will be cut. On average, solar panels take five years to fully pay for themselves through savings in energy costs.

If you are interested in solar power installation for your business, then be sure to get in touch with our team. We can visit your site to advise on the best layout for the panels on your roofing.

Man installing solar panels on roof


Heating is expensive and utilises a lot of energy to run. Improving the insulation of your building will reduce the need for heating, therefore also reducing costs and the environmental impact. Generally you should aim to replace your insulation every 15-20 years to ensure its efficiency. 

Man installing insulation

Electric Fleet 

If you work in an industry which requires the use of vans or lorries you may want to consider phasing out your petrol or diesel fleet and making them electric. There's no need to immediately replace all your vehicles; this can be done slowly as your current fleet ages. Like solar panels, there are also a number of grants available for businesses looking to shift to an electric fleet.

At Highland Services we are verified Rolec EV charging station suppliers. This means if you are interested in having an electric fleet, we can supply and install your new charging station. A change to electric vehicles will not only save you money in the long run, but having an onsite charging station will also be beneficial to employees or clients who own electric cars.

Electric charging symbol on charging bay floor

Water Supply

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting can be beneficial to businesses looking to save money and reduce water consumption. It has a low installation cost and is a great way of getting water for businesses that need it for irrigation or to maintain gardens. Harvested rainwater can also be used to flush toilets and is likely to start making a profit out of savings on water costs in three to five years.

Use of Grey Water

Grey water is wastewater from showers, baths, basins, and washing machines which can then be reused within the water system. Though it is unsafe to drink, it is a great way to get the most out of your water in the workplace. Grey water recycling is seen to be especially popular in hospitality, healthcare, and education. If your business uses a lot of mains water, it is worth looking into grey water to reduce your overall water consumption and bring down water bills.

water droplets hitting rock


It has long been accepted that LEDs are the most efficient form of lighting. Due to this they are becoming easier and easier to acquire, with other less-efficient forms of lighting being phased out. Halogen bulbs were banned from sale in September 2021 and fluorescent lighting is due to follow in 2023. Changing to LED lighting is beneficial from a cost perspective as they are more efficient than more traditional lighting sources, they are better for the environment and they are also better for the health and wellbeing of those in your workspace. If your lighting system is due an upgrade, then make sure to get in contact with the Highland Services team for information.

Person installing new lightbulb

There are many steps the business can take to become more efficient, regardless of industry. At Highland Services we have over 50 years of industry excellence and can help from consultation all the way through to installation and future servicing. Start making your workplace more efficient today by getting in contact. 

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